BGT Game Coder!

Ladies and gents!
Have you ever been sitting in your computer chair and got that game coding itch?
Have you ever wanted to code a game?
Well heres your chance!
With the blastbay games toolkit you can code to your hearts content to create 2d, 3d, even side scrolling games for blind and visually impaired people.

The link to the download page!


Blastbay studios have a couple games on offer, see the bottom of the page for the downloads link.

Palace punch up

Are you angry?
Ever thought that the person across the street has a really nice house but you haven't and you hate them for it?
Well in palace punch up now's your time to get all that frustration out.
In this game you hurl rocks at your enemies palace while they hurl them back.
Use a hammer to repair your wall but don't let your palace fall first!

Kringle Crash

Santa's elves are on a riot!
Santa's elves after years of mistreatment have decided to destroy the slay and the presents. You, as Santa
must give the elves a boot or a punch to knock them out and gather as many presents into the slay as you can in a time limit!
But be careful, those naughty elves will also try and throw presents down a chute to smash and break.
Good luck!

The link

The link is Right here!