Software Section

Below is a list of software available that will do different functions on your computer, all software listed here is accessible.
I have given each piece a rating out of 5 for quality and accessibility.

Miranda 64 bit client

Name: Miranda NG
Description: Miranda NG is an IM (instant messaging) client that supports many protocols. The list includes Facebook, AIM, ICQ, IRC, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Skype.
This software was coded by the main administrator of Prometheus Moo
a popular space moo.
This version is only for windows 64 bit machines. Rating: 5
Download: Click here

Cookie Muncher

Name: Cookie Muncher
Description: Cookie Muncher is a clever piece of software, ever seen this on a page?
This site uses cookies to improve our user interaction.
All those sites use cookies.
These cookies then clog up your internet trash slowing down your computer.
Cookie Muncher will esentually munch those cookies taking them and deleting them making your browser quicker and less complicated.
Rating: 4 Download: Download here

Day by Day Pro Setup

Name: Day by Day pro. Description: This piece of useful software allows you to set reminders for yourself using a quick and easy Calendar like setup.
Just tab to the date, tab to the note, type it in and off you go! Rating: 2, does not work all of the time on windows 7.
Download: Download here

Funk in the trunk!

Name: Funk in the trunk! Description: Groove to your music with this fantastic Music player.
Much like Windows Media Player it plays music of most file types.
Useful if you don't have Windows Media Player Rating: 3
Download: Download it here!

Internet Alarm Clock

Name: Internet alarm clock
Description: Have trouble waking up?
Or just need a quick reminder if your running on a schedule? ,br> This is the alarm clock for you!
Completely free this software allows you to set quick and easy alarms to remind you when you need to do things. Rating: 3 Download: Download Today!

Pulse Mp3 Player

Name: Pulse mp3 player
Description: Yet another accessible mp3 player.
The problem with this one is it only does mp3's but it has full accessibility with all screen readers.
Groove to your favorite mp3's now!
Rating: 3
Download: download today!

Split it!

Name: Split it! Description: Have you downloaded a large file from the internet that you want to give to your mate?
Is your memory pen not big enough?
Then use split it!
Its as easy as locate, split and go!
Rating: 4
Download: Download today and split them files up!

Sweet midi setup

Name: Sweet midi player
Description: Sweet midi is an accessible midi file player.
Designed to work with screen readers this player enables: Sweet!
Rating: 4

Download: Download now!

Talking clock

Name: Talking clock Description: This useful software announces the time in a clear male voice. Accessible and easy to use you'll never miss the time again!
Comes with announcements every 15 minutes!
Rating: 5
Download: Get your free clock now!