Welcome to Antevorta.

Introducing Antevorta, the first of its kind, blind accessible Calendar, events manager and time keeping program.

What it does:

Intigrating the top used cloud solutions into one, easy-to-use and accessible program, Antevorta gives visually impaired screen reader users access to the top technologies used by communities across the globe, including: All in one place.

Your data

Your data is safe with Antevorta.
we do not store anything on our servers about you and you can read how the program handles your Google data in our Privacy Policy.

Never miss an event again.

Picking up on invited events, and reminding you of their dates, Antevorta is the solution to what many blind people have issues with when trying to work with their sighted colleagues.
Gone are the days where screen reader users had to struggle just to read, and accept, an invite for an event like a work meeting, Antevorta will improve your life.

More than just a unification.

Antevorta is more than just the program that unites cloud-based solutions, it also includes its own, offline calendar and events managing systems that allow you to schedule your events as and when you need them.
It comes fully fitted with built-in clocks from all over the globe, allowing you to have the time displayed in any country you wish.
Settings that mould themselves to the users provide the most customisable and user-based experience possible, something that the program has been based upon since its conception.

Smaller features

Packed in alongside all this comes such features as:


To download Antevorta, simply click the following links:
Installable: Antevorta v3.2.2 setup.exe(22.6MB), Version downloads: 281. total downloads: 0.

Portable: Antevorta Portable.zip(39.5MB), Version downloads: 207. total downloads: 0.