You want to offer your support to nathan Tech or me, Nathan Smith?

First off, thanks so much!
Before you go anywhere, let me reach out a virtual hand and shake your own.
Even if you just came to this page because you're wondering what it is, I appreciate that you've taken the time to look around.

Ways of supporting.

there are a few ways you can support me as a person and/or the website and the products there in which I've described below:

Spread the word.

I rely on people like you to spread the good word about the products I make and the website you are on now.
Without people like you I'm just a lonely guy on the big wide web.
So whether you're writing about the website on a mailing list, mentioning it to a friend or nominating it for an award, I appreciate it.
Don't forget to tell me you did it, too!

Tweet about the website.

Kind of goes with the territory above, but tweeting about the website, following the Nathan Tech account and spreading the good word on the Twitterverse is another way more people can find out about what I'm doing here.
If you do it, please chuck in a mention! I'll be delighted to see it!
Twitter: @nathantech7713

Reach out.

Drop a mail in my inbox and tell me how the website or products helped you.
In all of my installers is a small box that pops up and says:
"If you find this product useful, brighten up my day and let me know."
And it quite literally does brighten up my day. I'll spend the next 3 days at minimum talking about it, being pleased as punch that I've helped somewhere, even if it is in a very small way.

Do you accept donations?

As a rule? Not really.
there's a reason behind this and logic that might be a bit twisty, but here goes:
I don't accept donations because the products and services I offer are free.
Sure they take a lot of time and effort to create, but my reward is that people find them useful, my reward is that you have a positive experience. My reward is, for lack of a better phrase, being known and being able to help.
Offering free products and then saying, "Oh hey, you can donate too." just feels a bit morally shaky to me. If I'm going to do that, I may as well make the products pay to use or some such.
Further to that though, and this is a biggy for me, donations are huge.
That's actual money.
Actual money that could have been a meal for someone.
Actual money that could have bought a little sister, or a cousin, or a random friend a chocolate bar or a toy.
That's money someone has earnt through doing a job, working hard to provide for a family or for themselves to further their lives.
I can't take that kind of money. I don't deserve that kind of money. that's money that should not be spent just because I'm sitting here, click clacking away at a keyboard.
If I had something to offer in return, then I may consider it, but that is no longer a donation. That's a purchase! And I haven't got any of those either. Knowing that my products have helped you, knowing that I am making an impact.
That's enough for me.

Thank you.

Thank you for wanting to support me.
You're the best.