What information do we collect and why do we collect it?

The Website:

On the website, we collect only the information you give to us.
  • Your IP address is used to show you this page and is not held for longer than it takes you to close your browser.
  • the address of the page: This is recorded for statistics reasons, so we can see what pages are popular.
  • your name and email: If you provide these in our contact form, we use them to get back in touch. Upon the resolution of the request, they are deleted.
  • cosmic Rage

    On Cosmic Rage, the following information is collected: The following data may also be collected by the game but only after you have submitted it yourself. This data has toggleable visibility options in order for you to prevent it being shared.
    1. Your twitter ID, in order for us to send you notifications or to allow you to tweet about us.
    2. Your real name: in order to increase our friendliness in order to best communicate with you.
    3. your skype ID, for other users to contact you.
    4. Your date of birth, in order for us to give special rewards on the day of your birth.


    Antevorta may store some data locally as part of authorisation to the google and microsoft calendars.
    This stored data is in the form of tokens that it uses to authenticate itself to the appropriate service.

    What data is used

    When authenticating to the service[s] you will be prompted to allow Antevorta to access certain pieces of information (called scopes). Antevorta requests access to your calendars so that it can display them to you within the program itself.
    Antevorta also requests the ability to add events, edit events and remove events. This is so that you can get full usage from the program from the point of view of integration with external services.
    Your data can be deleted at any time by deleting the data folder from the program itself.

    How secure is this information?

    All passwords are irreversibly encrypted using the best functions available to us.
    We are dedicated to keeping our servers as up-to-date as possible and securing them with as much software as we can to ensure your safety on our products.
    Within the game, unless otherwise specified through options or your own consent, only the hosts of the game, and main server administrator, are able to view any of the other information.
    Both the server administrator, and the staff of the game, are bound by Nondisclosure Agreements, (NDA).


    We will not sell your data, nor will we knowingly disclose your information to any third party products, organisations or applications unless otherwise allowed to do so by yourself.

    What is privacy like in the game.

    The hosts of the game are open in the things we do and do not monitor and are bound by agreements when they are made hosts to honour those rules set out.
    It is your responsibility to ensure you do not knowingly or otherwise give out your private information on the game.
    Should the staff, during the course of their work, come across private information they are bound by Nondisclosure agreements(NDA's) to ensure they do not knowingly act upon, or share it, in any way.


    Please feel free to contact us about any questions you have regarding this policy.
    Get in touch.


    This policy may be updated from time to time to ensure it is accurate.
    changes will be logged in the main website changelog, viewable from the home page.