Introducing Luna RSS V3.7, faster than ever before!

part of the Luna range: A reminder that just because you're blind doesn't mean you can't get to the moon.

Luna RSS is a program of many features.
From being a podcatcher, to being an RSS feed reader and also being a podcaster searcher not to mention an RSS feed creator, it's truly your one stop shop for everything RSS related.

Why Luna?

Unlike other products, Luna RSS has been built with the blind in mind, ensuring every single part of it is 100 percent accessible and 100 percent intuitive.
Luna is also customisable to you, allowing you to rename your feeds, categorise them, choose when they update, what sounds play where and more.
That's not to mention the many in program keystrokes that allow you to speed up your experience even further.

Who is it for?

the casual reader.

Able to handle literally hundreds of feeds, Luna RSS is perfect for you if you're a casual reader, one of those people who likes to be updated about blogs, websites or forums without having to visit each one every time.

The podcast listener

Want to stream and download your favorite podcasts or maybe even search for others? Luna RSS comes fully featured with integrations to the itunes library as well as Feedly.

The podcast possibles?

Never listened to a podcast before?
Unsure if this product is for you?
Why not give Luna a try and search for a favorite theme such as fantasy, horror, humour or politics.
Two of my favorite podcasts are here:

The creator.

Luna RSS also has an in-built feed creator to allow you to easily manage your podcast episodes and export an XML for your website without knowing a lick of code.

Common questions:

How many feeds can Luna support?

I've never managed to hit an upper limit, but importing from a file of 529 took around 15 minutes to complete and then after that the program ran smooth as if it only had 1 feed.

Does Luna support Youtube feeds?

Certainly does.

Does Luna support importing and exporting to OMPL?


How much is Luna?

Completely free!

How much did you get for endorsing the above podcasts?

Nothing and I want nothing either. They are both fantasticly made and genuinely my two favorite to listen too.

Download Luna RSS.

to download Luna RSS simply click below: Installable: Luna RSS v3.7.14 setup.exe(16.9MB), Version downloads: 575. total downloads: 0.

Portable: Luna RSS, Version downloads: 754. total downloads: 0.