Lets RPG Together, tell me your story.

Lets RPG Together is an online dice rolling utility built for those people who want to collaborate online on multi-player games that require dice.
While aimed at Dungeons and Dragons players, Lets RPG together can also be used for other games, too!
Any instance where you're playing with people over the internet and require dice, the program is there for you!


but wait, there's more!

Included as part of the program as an additional package is the Lets RPG Together Character Sheet builder.
Specifically made for those playing Dungeons and Dragons, the Character Sheet builder can import and output well structured sheet files for sharing with Lets RPG Together itself.
This simple interfaced program makes Character Sheet editing 1,000 times easier!

Download Lets RPG Together today.

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Installable: Lets RPG Together v1.0 setup.exe(13.9MB), Version downloads: 336. total downloads: 0.

There is currently no portable version of this program available due to the way it stores data.