Welcome to Luna For Reddit.

part of the Luna range: A reminder that just because you're blind doesn't mean you can't get to the moon.

Reddit is a very popular social media platform for people to share their thoughts, articles, hopes, dreams, ask questions and more.
It has a web interface which, while usable, is rather fiddley for screen reader users and does not give you full functionality.

Why Luna?

Enter Luna For Reddit, the windows client for screen reader users that is stepping up to the plate and accepting the challenge to make Reddit as accessible as they will allow.
Luna implements as many relevant api's as possible into a sleek, fast interface that presents you with all the details that you choose.

built for the user.

By default, Luna comes with three different soundpacks for you to choose from but that is only the most basic customisation.

Built for ease and speed.

Luna comes fully featured with helpful tips for correctly formatting your posts, attempting to make writing and editing as easy as it can.
More than that though, Luna comes with a built in spellchecker that includes English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
It also has a feature that, when enabled, translates markdown into text format, so instead of:
#This is a heading.

You will instead see:
Heading level 1 this is a heading.

Luna also includes your expected web navigation keystrokes, h for heading, l for lists, k for links and q for block quotes to jump through a written message or post with ease.

Frequently asked questions:

Download Luna For Reddit.

to download Luna For Reddit simply click below:
Installable: Luna For Reddit v1.4.0 setup.exe(21.2MB), Version downloads: 649. total downloads: 0.

Portable: Luna For Reddit Portable.zip(28.2MB), Version downloads: 358. total downloads: 0.