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The difference between website and web page

There is only one main obvious difference between website and web page.
A web page, or webpage, is a single page coded in HTML, PHP, Javascript or another online script.
A website is a site containing multiple web pages that gives information on something.
Nathan Tech is a web site, this tutorial you are reading now is a web page.
A common question
Are google, yahoo and bing websites?
No, they are search engines. It is rather like a library. Each website is a book on a shelf and each web page is a page with in that book. The search engines are the librarians.

The meaning of the words syntax, tag and attribute

Syntax: Arguments you give to a function.
This is not often used in HTML and is more of a programming thing.

Tag: Think of a tag like an instruction.
It is a piece of text that tells a web browser what to do.
Consider the below:

In the above example, the code shows a link to our home page.
The tag shown is the a tag, or anchor tag.
Tags are always enclosed by < and > signs. Some tags, though not all are then followed by a sign.
This would be the closing of the tag. Consider the example above again.
the "" part says we are opening a link tag.
Then the "
" Says we're closing it.

Attribute: Think of an attribute like the words in an instruction.
An attribute is an argument you give with a tag.
Consider the above example of the anchor tag.
The attribute in that example is "href".
So, in our instruction analogy:
"" That is all web browser, thank you very much.
These coding examples and big words might seem scarey at first but don't worry, it will become clearer as we go on.

the fundamentals of any webpage

Fundamental: A building block of something.
A fundamental must always be there for something else to work.
For coding basic webpages, like we are in this tutorial, there are a few fundamentals you must know:

This tag is the beginning and the end of your web page.
Any code you want should go between these tags.
Imagine an html document like a person. That person wears a hat and some shoes.
The hat and shoes are the html tag.
Then they have a head tag. This is where their brain is stored... For some people anyway.
It is the same with the head tag.
The head tag tells the web browser a few things, such as the description for a web page, its title, etc.
The title tag, as it suggests, gives your web page a title.
An example is shown below: