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This page is dedicated to Nathan Tech's games.
It includes things like:

Our Games

Important note:

Any games released before April 27th 2018 have been coded in a language known as BGT.
Due to complications with how the BGT engine gets input from the user, Windows Defender has begun to take issue with our products.
So that you know these issues are genuin, and not us trying to scam you, here are some links:
and http://forum.audiogames.net/viewtopic.php?id=22000
If you experience these issues, we recommend you create a folder in your prefered location of choice and install our products into there.
You can then add this folder to your virus checkers exceptions list.

So are you safe?

We work our hardest to ensure every single one of our products remains virus free at all times.
We run monthly checks, downloading all our games onto windows computers and checking them over for viruses.

What are you doing to resolve this problem?

We have begun to program in a number of new languages, and hope to start converting games into either python or pure basic at some point in the future.

Against the clock

In this memory testing sequence game you must enter a series of keystrokes within an alotted timeslot.
the time that you have to input the keystrokes decreases with each level you obtain, of which there are 20.
The sequence also grows in length, until the final level in which you have 5 seconds to input 20 keystrokes.
Are you fast enough?
can you beat the clock?
Why not find out by clicking here

The boat simulator, for the blind

This game is a simulation boat driving game for the blind, first created by Nathan Tech in 2012
Since its first release back then it has developed from a simple movement game to a multi minigame, multi boat driving game with fantastic features!
Find out more

Fist of fury

Are you angry?
Do you enjoy turn-based strategy games?
Do you want to blow up an enemy with nukes?
If you answered yes to any of the top three questions, Fist of fury is right up your alley!
With hours of changing gameplay, a varying board size, and much more, it's sure to keep you entertained!
click here to learn more!

Deal or No deal

Nathan Tech's own special rendition on the classic UK and US TV show Deal or No Deal.
Make your way through the rounds as you face the big bad banker in this fun and entertaining game.
Read more

Nate's Word Hunt of Doom!

In this package you receive 5 free, easy-to-playe games that are suitable for all ages and offer hours of enjoyment.
Consisting of scrambled wording, backwards wording, memorising words, guessing words and more, there's something in it for everyone.
Comes fully accessible with custom board creater and more!
Check it out!

Peaches and Cream

Do you want a game of relaxation with hours of playability?
Do you like matching things and avoiding rotten fruit?
then Peaches and Cream is the game for you!
Click here!

The train Simulator for the blind!

This game is another simulation game in which you drive a train.
It is based around london transport and includes some sweet sounding effects.
It was first released in 2015 and can be seen by
Clicking here!

P's and Q's

Mind your P's and Q's now!
P's and Q's is Nathan Tech's take on the traditional and well-loved game of Noughts and Crosses, which is a simple, yet fun, turn-based puzzle game.
Read more here.

Trick or Eat

In this 2016 Halloween release, Nathan Tech offers you the opportunity to take the role of Jonny, the young boy who is going out trick or treating.
Usually, for Jonny, Trick or treat is an easy affair but this year, upon opening his door, he found a hoard from hell on his doorstep.
It is your job, in the 3 minutes provided, to grab up as many sweets as you possibly can, while gunning down the monsters who dare cross your path with Jonnies dad's shotgun.
Trick or Eat also has an online scoreboard, to challenge all of your friends!
Play now!

slot Machine

One of the games that is part of the currently in development casino package from Nathan Tech is our slot machine game.
Slot machines are highly popular arcade machines that are globally enjoyed and in this simple, easy-to-play game we aim to give you that experience.
in a very portable small size and with a very easy-to-use system complete with sweet sounding effects, you'll never want to exit this marvle of audio casino creation.
Click here to find out more

Simple Blackjack!

In this simple version of blackjack you can use the easy menu system to play the popular card game blackjack.
Designed completely by Nathan Smith this audio game version aims to make the game a lot easier.
You will need a screen reader to access certain elements of the game.
Find out more!

Advanced Blackjack

ADvanced blackjack is the more difficult version of the above blackjack.
This audio version of the classic card game includes such features as:
To find out more:
Click here!

our soundRTS collection

Below is a list of mods, maps and other fun stuff we have made for the game SoundRTS.
Info on soundRTS can be found Here

The starwars mod for soundRTS!

Blast battle tanks, drill droids and smash smarmy sith in this epic new mod for SoundRTS.
Play empire or rebble as you overwelm your foes with your unbeatable might!
Wo! Let me learn more by clicking this link!

The modern map version 2.0

In this single map, you have the chance to feel what a modernised version of SoundRTS would feel like.
Drive vhiacles from the world war two spitfire plain to the new and modern tanks.
Find out more about this amazing map

Nathan Tech's campaign number 1 version 1.0

In version one of this interesting campaign you play the role of a defending lord of your castle.
Defend your castle, send messangers, then at the end, turn and crush your enemies in a fantastic victory fight.
Are you up for the task?
Read more!

Even more?

That is correct!
There is even more things we have made for SoundRTS!
View them now on
This page!

Other games, maps or mods etc.

Nathan Tech has not yet released any maps or mods for other games, though we invite you to check out our Gamebooks and to take a look at other games for the blind Here

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