Accessible Chess

Play the game of chess in better accessibility than ever before.
Including several game modes, offline and online access and more, this fully blind centric product is perfect for you whether you are just getting started or you are an expert.
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Against the clock

take on the clock in this challlenging reflex-testing and memory-training game.
Featuring 20 levels, each one with less time and more to remember, Against the Clock is both a game of memory, and a game of speed.
Including varying difficulty settings, several different modes, and a hilarious victory sound at the end, Against the Clock is hours of fun without introducing any complicated mechanics.
It's just you, your keyboard, and your mind Against The clock.
Have you got what it takes? Get your copy today:
Against The Clock v3.0 setup.exe(20MB), Version downloads: 317. total downloads: 330.


Never heard of Kakuro before?
Neither had I until recently, and then I just had to make it accessible!
What's Kakuro I hear you ask?
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Lets RPG together.

Looking for a piece of software that you and some friends could use to play dice based games of your own design over the internet?
Maybe you're a Dungeons and Dragons fan, looking for a program to use to roll dice and collaborate with your fellow dungeon goers?
With Lets RPG Together you get seemless collaboration, customisable dice rolling, in program chat features, a simple character sheet builder and more absolutely free!
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Scramble is a word and number challenge game that takes inspiration from the UK TV show Countdown and theFrench TV show Des chiffres et des lettres.
the main game contains 9 rounds, 6 letter rounds, 2 number rounds and a single anagram round.
Each round has 30 seconds for you to complete the challenge.
Can you beat all three difficulty levels against the computer and have hours of fun in this mentally challenging game?
Scramble v1.0 setup.exe(41.6MB), Version downloads: 242. total downloads: 251.

Shuffle Cars

Shuffle Cars is a fun-filled strategy game that will challenge the mind and stimulate your inner puzzle solver.
In this game you choose from 1 of 3 modes, shown below, and then have to move other cars around in a traffic jam to get yours off of the grid.
Including some sweet music, hours of gaming time and different car types, there isn't much that this game doesn't do!
Get your copy today:
Shuffle Cars v1.0 setup.exe(15.1MB), Version downloads: 346. total downloads: 347.


Sudoku is a popular numbers game in which you have to create a 9 by 9 grid of numbers where the number only appears once in each column and each row, as well as only once in each 3 by 3 square.
There are variations to this, such as in 4 by 4 Sudoku where the numbers are only 1 to 4, or in larger boards where the numbers get more difficult.
This version of Sudoku provides you an accessible version of the game where you can play all these variations at your own pace, piped straight through your screen reader.
Read more and download here.

Words of Power

Pull up a chair, mighty mage.
It's your turn to show off your power in this word game with a twist.
Words of Power is a game in which you play words formed by letters on your rack, where each letter has a point value.
Don't be fooled though, for the board is riddled with various items, be they curses that will zero out your score, Guardians that will give you a boost, or mysteries that could go either way.
Face off against a single dragon in the demo, or buy the full copy and choose from up to 10, or to play against your fellow mages over the internet!
Check it out here.

Think something is missing?

A lot of our products were taken down due to their code being out of date. All of them are being updated and will be back soon. In the mean time, you can contact us to get an older game.