Luna File Searcher

part of the Luna range: A reminder that just because you're blind doesn't mean you can't get to the moon.

Ever needed to search multiple log files for a reference to something?
Maybe you have a bunch of lecture notes but don't remember which week a topic was covered?
perhaps you're searching a book for a reference of some kind.
Welcome to Luna File Searcher, the program that makes all of these and more stress free and accessible.


Luna File Searcher is part of the Luna range.

A reminder that through accessibility we can get anywhere, even to the moon.

Download your completely free copy of Luna File Searcher today!

Installable: Luna File Searcher v1.0 setup.exe(6.7MB), Version downloads: 234. total downloads: 0.
Portable: Luna File Searcher, Version downloads: 194. total downloads: 0.

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