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This web page shows details on accessible pieces of software developed by Nathan Tech.
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Character counter

Ever wondered how many characters of a specific type are in a file?
Why count?
Why not use character counter!
It's very simple, very easy-to-use and completely free!

Warning, this product was made using the BGT engine. usual restrictions apply.

Click here to download it now

Calendar Craziness

Nathan Tech's answer to wanting a simplistic calendar for screen reader users.
This calendar comes with no graphics and is made with you in mind!
Features include: Try it today by

Warning, this product was made using the BGT engine. Usual restrictions apply.

downloading your copy.

Deep thought generator

This handy piece of software is designed for simplicity and handyness.
It comes ready with 15 different generators as well as a custom button to make your own.
In this we compile together some of the most-wanted generators that we could think of and make them accessible, easy-to-use and fun.
Generators include: Give it a try:
Click here to download, (8.4 MB)

Product Key manager, Developers edition

Are you thinking of turning commercial?
Do you need quick and easy access to product keys you will be distrubuting?
Then Product key manager is for you!
This accessible, free, easy-to-use key manager allows for quick and easy adding, removing and totaling of keys, profits and more in an uncomplicated menu system.
Why not give it a go!

Warning, this product was made using BGT. The usual restrictions apply

click here to download!

Take Note

Ever needed to quickly write something down?
Have you ever wished you had a program to make lists in, or perhaps do keyword deffinitions in?
Ever wanted a piece of software that was small, easy-to-use, and required minimal fuss to jot down ideas?
then Take Note is for you!

Warning, this product was made using BGT. The usual restrictions apply.

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VipMud Soundpack Installer

Do you struggle to install soundpacks?
Do you wish there was a simple tool that you could run that would update your soundpack for you?
Look no further!
Simply download this product and smile as your soundpack installer problems drift away.
Click here to download, 10mb

What's the time Mister Wolf

WTMW is Nathan Tech's take on a talking clock for the visually impaired. It supports the following features:
*ability to say 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute and hourly time notifications
*toggle for displaying seconds
*choose from several sounds for your time reminder
*ability to toggle on and off big ben sound effects on the hour.
*supports jaws, NVDA, window eyes, system access and MS sapi
*can tell you how long your computer has been on for
*can tell you how long the program has been running for
Has a countdown timer
HAs a count up timer

Warning, Product made using BGt. The usual restrictions apply.

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